Making DOOM 3 Mods : Useful Commands

Doom 3 has a pretty extensive in-game help system for the console commands. Simply type 'listCmds' and it will list every command in the game, along with a brief description of the command. I am including this list here for easy reference (though the ingame list will always be more up to date).

Useful commands for players

benchmark benchmark
bind binds a command to a key
centerview centers the view
checkNewVersion check if a new version of the game is available
clear clears the console
clientDropWeapon drop current weapon
clientMessageMode ingame gui message mode
clientVoiceChat voice chats: clientVoiceChat
clientVoiceChatTeam team voice chats: clientVoiceChat
conDump dumps the console text to a file
connect connects to a server
disconnect disconnects from a game
echo prints text
exec executes a config file
execMachineSpec execs the appropriate config files and sets cvars based on com_machineSpec
exit exits the game
gfxInfo show graphics info
kill kills the player
LANScan scans LAN for servers
loadGame loads a game
map loads a map
quit quits the game
reconnect reconnect to the last server we tried to connect to
reset resets a cvar
saveGame saves a game
say text chat
sayTeam team text chat
screenshot takes a screenshot
set sets a cvar
seta sets a cvar and flags it as archive
setMachineSpec detects system capabilities and sets com_machineSpec to appropriate value
sets sets a cvar and flags it as server info
sett sets a cvar and flags it as tool
setu sets a cvar and flags it as user info
toggle toggles a cvar
unbind unbinds any command from a key
unbindall unbinds any commands from all keys
vstr inserts the current value of a cvar as command text
wait delays remaining buffered commands one or more frames
writeConfig writes a config file

Useful commands for demos

aviDemo writes AVIs for a demo
aviGame writes AVIs for the current game
demoShot writes a screenshot for a demo
playDemo plays back a demo
recordDemo records a demo
stopRecording stops demo recording
timeDemo times a demo
timeDemoQuit times a demo and quits

Useful commands for server admins

gameKick same as kick, but recognizes player names
heartbeat send a heartbeat to the the master servers
kick kick a client by connection number
nextMap loads the next map on the server
rcon sends remote console command to server
serverForceReady force all players ready
serverInfo shows server info
serverMapRestart restart the current game
serverNextMap change to the next map
spawnServer spawns a server

Useful commands for developers

aasStats shows AAS stats
addarrow adds a debug arrow
addChatLine internal use - core to game chat lines
addline adds a debug line
bindRagdoll binds ragdoll at the current drag position
blinkline blinks a debug line
clearLights clears all lights
closeViewNotes close the view showing any notes for this map
collisionModelInfo shows collision model info
combineCubeImages combines six images for roq compression
crash causes a crash
cvar_restart restart the cvar system
damage apply damage to an entity
debugger launches the Script Debugger
deleteSelected deletes selected entity
devmap loads a map in developer mode
dir lists a folder
dirtree lists a folder with subfolders
disasmScript disassembles script
dmap compiles a map
editAFs launches the in-game Articulated Figure Editor
editDecls launches the in-game Declaration Editor
editGUIs launches the GUI Editor
editLights launches the in-game Light Editor
editor launches the level editor Radiant
editParticles launches the in-game Particle Editor
editPDAs launches the in-game PDA Editor
editScripts launches the in-game Script Editor
editSounds launches the in-game Sound Editor
envshot takes an environment shot
error causes an error
exportmodels exports models
finishBuild finishes the build process
freeze freezes the game for a number of seconds
game_memory displays game class info
gameError causes a game error
getviewpos prints the current view position
give gives one or more items
god enables god mode
help shows help
hitch hitches the game
in_restart restarts the input system
keepTestModel keeps the last test model in the game
killMonsters removes all monsters
killMoveables removes all moveables
killRagdolls removes all ragdolls
listActiveEntities lists active game entities
listAF lists articulated figures
listAnims lists all animations
listAudios lists Audios
listBinds lists key bindings
listClasses lists game classes
listCmds lists commands
listCollisionModels lists collision models
listCvars lists cvars
listDecls lists all decls
listDictKeys lists all keys used by dictionaries
listDictValues lists all values used by dictionaries
listEmails lists Emails
listEntities lists game entities
listEntityDefs lists entity defs
listFX lists FX systems
listGameCmds lists game commands
listGuis lists guis
listHuffmanFrequencies lists decl text character frequencies
listImages lists images
listLines lists all debug lines
listMaterials lists materials
listModelDefs lists model defs
listModels lists all models
listModes lists all video modes
listMonsters lists monsters
listParticles lists particle systems
listPDAs lists PDAs
listRenderEntityDefs lists the entity defs
listRendererCmds lists renderer commands
listRenderLightDefs lists the light defs
listServers lists scanned servers
listSkins lists skins
listSoundCmds lists sound commands
listSoundDecoders list active sound decoders
listSounds lists all sounds
listSoundShaders lists sound shaders
listSpawnArgs list the spawn args of an entity
listSystemCmds lists system commands
listTables lists tables
listThreads lists script threads
listToolCmds lists tool commands
listTypeInfo list type info
listVertexCache lists vertex cache
listVideos lists Videos
localizeGuis localize guis
localizeMaps localize maps
makeAmbientMap makes an ambient map
MakeMegaTexture processes giant images
memoryDump creates a memory dump
memoryDumpCompressed creates a compressed memory dump
modulateLights modifies shader parms on all lights
nextAnim shows next animation on test model
nextFrame shows next animation frame on test model
nextGUI teleport the player to the next func_static with a gui
noclip disables collision detection for the player
notarget disables the player as a target
parse prints tokenized string
path lists search paths
playerModel sets the given model on the player
popLight removes the last created light
prevAnim shows previous animation on test model
prevFrame shows previous animation frame on test model
printAF prints an articulated figure
printAudio prints an Video
printEmail prints an Email
printEntityDef prints an entity def
printFX prints an FX system
printMaterial prints a material
printModel prints model info
printModelDefs prints a model def
printParticle prints a particle system
printPDA prints an PDA
printSkin prints a skin
printSoundShader prints a sound shader
printTable prints a table
printVideo prints a Audio
promptKey prompt and sets the CD Key
recordViewNotes record the current view position with notes
reexportmodels reexports models
regenerateWorld regenerates all interactions
reloadanims reloads animations
reloadARBprograms reloads ARB programs
reloadCgPrograms reloads CG programs
reloadDecls reloads decls
reloadEngine reloads the engine down to including the file system
reloadGuis reloads guis
reloadImages reloads images
reloadLanguage reload language dict
reloadModels reloads models
reloadScript reloads scripts
reloadSounds reloads all sounds
reloadSurface reloads the decl and images for selected surface
remove removes an entity
removeline removes a debug line
renderbump renders a bump map
renderbumpFlat renders a flat bump map
reportImageDuplication checks all referenced images for duplications
reportSurfaceAreas lists all used materials sorted by surface area
roq encodes a roq file
runAAS compiles an AAS file for a map
runAASDir compiles AAS files for all maps in a folder
runReach calculates reachability for an AAS file
s_restart restarts the sound system
saveLights saves all lights to the .map file
saveMoveables save all moveables to the .map file
saveParticles saves all lights to the .map file
saveRagdolls save all ragdoll poses to the .map file
saveSelected saves the selected entity to the .map file
script executes a line of script
setviewpos sets the current view position
showDictMemory shows memory used by dictionaries
showInteractionMemory shows memory used by interactions
showStringMemory shows memory used by strings
showTriSurfMemory shows memory used by triangle surfaces
showViewNotes show any view notes for the current map, successive calls will cycle to the next note
spawn spawns a game entity
startBuild prepares to make a build
takeViewNotes take notes about the current map from the current view
teleport teleports the player to an entity location
testAnim tests an animation
testBlend tests animation blending
testBoneFx tests an FX system bound to a joint
testDamage tests a damage def
testDeath tests death
testFx tests an FX system
testGUI tests a gui
testid output the string for the specified id.
testImage displays the given image centered on screen
testLight tests a light
testmap tests a map
testModel tests a model
testParticleStopTime tests particle stop time on a test model
testPointLight tests a point light
testSave writes out a test savegame
testSaveGame test a save game for a level
testShaderParm sets a shaderParm on an existing testModel
testSIMD test SIMD code
testSkin tests a skin on an existing testModel
testSound tests a sound
testVideo displays the given cinematic
touch touches a decl
touchFile touches a file
touchFileList touches a list of files
touchGui touches a gui
touchModel touches a model
trigger triggers an entity
unbindRagdoll unbinds the selected ragdoll
vid_restart restarts renderSystem
weaponSplat projects a blood splat on the player weapon
where prints the current view position
writeGameState write game state
writePrecache writes precache commands

Internal commands

bindunbindtwo binds a key but unbinds it first if there are more than two binds
rescanSI rescan serverinfo cvars and tell game
updateUI cause a sync down of game-modified userinfo

Commands that worked at one time, but probably not any more

aviCmdDemo writes AVIs for a command demo
compressDemo compresses a demo file
exitCmdDemo exits a command demo
playCmdDemo plays back a command demo
sizeDown makes the rendered view smaller
sizeUp makes the rendered view larger
takeViewNotes2 extended take view notes
timeCmdDemo times a command demo
writeCmdDemo writes a command demo

Copyright 2004 id software