Client download configuration

Download behaviour on the client side is configured with the net_clientDownload cvar:

Server download configuration

There are no builtin downloads. All downloads are done through http/ftp URLs handed over to the clients. The clients however can stay connected while downloading your files before joining the game. The base game provides a simple backend to setup downloads. Mods can modify and extend how the server decides how and for who to provide downloads.


net_serverDlBaseURL: holds the base URL to the files to be downloaded. The final URLs will be constructed as net_serverDlBaseURL/pakfilepath ( where pakfilepath is defined by net_serverDlTable )

net_serverDlTable: a list of pak files for which download is provided, seperated by ;. The paths should include the fs_game path ( 'base/', or your mod path .. 'base/myd3map.pk4;d3xp/myroemap.pk4' ). You can also set net_serverDlTable to * to mark all paks that may be requested for download.

You will need to be running an ftp or http server to serve those files. Currently the Quake4 server doesn't provide an integrated way to serve the files itself. If you are looking for a lightweight simple http server, I recommend thttpd.

NOTE: AutoDownload will not work on files that are named like official assets paks ( pak[0-9]*.pk4 ). You should use a different naming in your mods and custom maps.

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