1. Debugging Game Code

Debugging Game Code

If you're working with the game code, you can quickly setup Visual Studio to debug your code as a regular application. There are several ways to do this, here's one of them.

The following assumes you've installed Quake 4 to C:\Quake4, and the SDK to C:\Quake4_SDK

  1. Right click the Game project in the Solution Explorer and select Properties.

  2. Setup a post-build step to copy your gamex86.dll to your Quake 4 root directory; you can use the commandline xcopy $(TargetPath) c:\quake4:

  3. Configure your debugging settings. Right click the Game project in the Solution Explorer, select Properties, then click Debugging

    • Command: This is the command to run from the debugger. Set it to C:\Quake4\Quake4.exe

    • Command Arguments: Arguments to pass to the game. Set this to +set si_pure 0

    • Working Directory: Specify where the game will be run from. Set this to C:\Quake4

  4. Re-build your game DLL to make sure the post-build step is performed, and you should be all set hit F5 and start debugging (default settings)

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