The Origin tab controls placement of effect and bounds in which it will spawn. In the case of using min/max origin numbers, the Origin will be the space in which a particle will spawn. Larger min/max numbers mean a more random spawn location within the origin space. Please see Notes about Origins below for more detailed information.











Spawn on Surface

Example: With this setting checked and a sphere origin, sprites will spawn on the outside of the sphere: creating a “bubble.”

Flip Normal

Use End Origin

Example: The Railgun effect uses end origin to ensure that the rail effect line is exactly the distance from the Railgun barrel to the surface the Railgun hits. End origin can also be affected by target_null’s in the level editor. An effect file that uses end origin targeting a target_null will instead project to the target_null instead of projecting until it hits a surface.

Distribute Evenly

Use Effect Normal

Generate Normal from Center or Surface

Example: An origin range of –10 min and 50 max for Forward, Left and Up will have a ‘center’ of the effect that is not the effect origin.

Generate Normal from Effect Origin

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