GUI Parms are a special type of gui variable used in many reuseable world GUIs. GUI parms are referenced within the GUI just like any other GUI variable. The difference is that GUI parms are defined in entities within a level. An example of a GUI that uses GUI parms are the numerous elevator and lift GUIs in a Quake 4 level. The floors that the lift moves between are defined in the level with GUI parms. Those parms are then used by the GUI to determine which animations to run or which information to show.

GUI Examples From Quake 4

The best way to learn GUI scripting is by example, and there are many GUIs in Quake 4 that can be opened up in the GUI editor or in any text editor and used as references. The following is a list of sample GUIs found in the q4base/GUIs folder and what they demonstrate.

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