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At it's core, the Quake 4 Script System is powered by events. Events are the hooks between the script and the game dll. They are functions which can be called on a number of things, most notably the SystemObject.

Events.script is the script file where all these events are stored. When you alter the game dll to add new events, you must create a matching event stub in events.script. See AddingScriptEvents for more information on that topic.

During development of Quake 4 we aimed to keep events.script a clear, well commented document. As you work with the scripting system, you should always keep events.script open in your editor for quick reference to all events you can use in the script.

Script Events by Category

* SystemObject events, for all the sys.something events such as println, getTime and spawn.

* EntityEvents are events that can be called on all entities, getName, setOrigin and bind.

* AIEvents are events you can call on the game's AI entities such as monsters and buddy marines.

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