The Orbit tab has rotational controls for sprites around their origin. Used in conjunction with Offset. With an Offset of 0, Orbit will not function correctly. Orbit uses Offset to know how large the circle of Orbit is. If Offset is set to 10 in the Forward axis, Orbit will use those 10 units as the radius (not diameter) to orbit the center of the effect by.

A good example effect to look at Orbit is: effects/weapons/rocketlauncher/impact.fx. The sparks segment uses Offset and Orbit to generate swirling and random sparks within the explosion. The larger the Orbit and Offset values, the more chaotic the Orbit will be.

Another example is effects/monsters/gladiator/railgun_trail.fx. The spiral_parts segment uses Offset and Orbit to spiral sphere segments inward. The initial offset values transition from 15 to 1, so that the sprites move inward, while the Orbit rotates the sprites.

Start – Roll, Yaw and Pitch

End – Roll, Yaw and Pitch

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